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2017 Select Team Camp

September 2-4, 2017


Aspire Kids Sports Center

50 South Hearthstone Way

Chandler, AZ 85226



Athletes rooms are included in the cost

Coaches will need to get their own rooms

Springhill Suites by Mariott

Rate $69/night

2 Double Beds & Couch Pullout



The price for each athlete is $300.  A registration payment and link will be sent to the coaches and parents soon.  The age groups are based upon the new age determination date.  Which is how old will they be on May 31, 2017

Congratulations qualifying athletes

Age 11

Branden Dao: WCOGA

Heemee Ton: SCEGA

Jaden Bottarini: GO

Preston Ngai : Elevate

Tobe Lin: Broadway

Wade Nelson: SCATS


Age 12

Evan Wenstad: GymJam

Khamaree Thomas: Aspire

Maxwell Odden: North Valley

Niko Greenly: High Sierra

Toma Murakawa: GO

Troy Nuesca: Platinum

Vahe Petrosyan: GO

Zachary Affinito: CSC-Race St.


Age 13

Arun Chhetri: GO

Brandon Dang: CSC - Great Oak

Brendan Strom: Platinum

Colin Flores: WCOGA

Izahia Mlay: WCOGA

Kaien Orion: Stanford

Matthew Navarro : CSC - Great Oak

Tas Hajdu : VSSG

Tyler Flores: WCOGA

Zachary Smollin: GO


Age 14

Alex Taylor: Aspire

Cailen Walker: Head Over Heels

Eric Hoe: North Valley

Ezrael Orlino: SCATS 

Hudson Harms: Gymcats 

Jessie-Lee Pakele: HITS

Levon Chalikyan: GO

Nikita Shishkov: North Valley


Age 15

Brandon Nguyen: Elevate

Dylan Yamaguchi: SCATS

Isaiah Drake: GO

Jadon Roberson: GymJam

Joseph Joey Pepe: North Valley

Matthew Krall: CSC - Race St.

Nathaniel Wolters : GymJam

Raydel Gamboa : North Valley

Tyler Shimizu: WCOGA

Age 16

Blake Tingzon: GO

David Rauchwerger : American

Evan Bock: SCATS

Gavin LaRoche: Aspire

Jeremy Bischoff: GymJam

Julian Brutchin-Roose : GO

Malcom-Allen Baytop: GymJam

Maxim Ryzhuk: VSSG

Noah Sano: GO

Samuel Phillips: GO

Troy Lipis: GymJam

Zachary Martin: Elevate


Age 17

Brandon Briones: Aspire

Christopher Osgood: Victory

Dylan Young: GO

Hunter Brunett : Platinum

Jordan Williams: Liberty

Kyle Shuttle: Accel 

Matthew Geuy: SCEGA

Riley Loos: Technique 

Troy Mendelson: Platinum

Will Lavanakul: WCOGA

Yuchen Lee: South Coast


Age 18

Angel Leon: Gym World Central

Blake Wilson : SCEGA

Brady Yamamoto: Aspire

Caleb Rickard : Sokol Elite

Daniel Lasenbby: VSSG

Daniel Yoon: SCATS

Eric DeLuna: VSSG

Eric Nakamura: SCEGA

Kyle Abe: CSC - Race St.

Matthew Randolph: Payke

Reid Ross: Oroville

Zion English: WCOGA 

Each additional attending coach and coaches that do not have athletes are welcome to attend at the rate of $100 per coach.  Coaches sign up info will be available soon.


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