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June 18-19, 2022

Athletes Attend Both Days



Aspire Kids Sports Center
50 S Hearthstone Way. Chandler, AZ 85226


$200 per athlete
One Check per Club

Host Hotel

Hyatt Place Chandler Fashion Center

3535 West Chandler Blvd
Chandler, AZ 85226

$110 per night+tax

Booking Process:

  1. Select the booking link below

  2. Select 'book now' in upper right corner

  3. Input the correct dates for the camp you are booking

  4. 'Region 1 Aspire' will show up within the rate details

  5. Book rooms, check out and pay.

2022 Level 4 Camp

Our goal behind this qualifying camp is to unite and inspire our youngest athletes. This camp is led by Region 1 and features coaching from our very own and nationally recognized Arizona Men’s Gymnastics collegiate program.  A parent Q & A from collegiate athletes, and coaches. Physical therapy awareness for the athletes and parents.  Individual insight, tips, skills and drills to inspire our Level 4’s. Support Region 1 and our very own Arizona Men’s Gymnastics!

Saturday Schedule

Afternoon Practice
1:30 PM - 4:30 PM

(Bring your own food)

4:30 PM - 5:30 PM

Evening Practice
5:30 PM - 8:30 PM

Sunday Schedule

Morning Practice
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Fathers Day BBQ
(Lunch Provided)

12:00 PM - 1:30 PM

Afternoon Practice
1:30 PM - 4:30 PM

Season Age 8-10 Qualifying Athletes

Adam Labay: Accel

Kai Harville: Agility

Nick Anderson: Aspire

Quinten Roberts: Aspire

Max Dela Cruz: Bakersfield

Marcos Brunni: Bakersfield

Nikita Kuznetsov: Broadway

Apollo Halim: Broadway

Senna Wells: Broadway

Howard Okamoto: California Strong

Anthony Campos: California Strong

Quentin Kirschner: Central Coast

Matteo Zanoni: Central Coast

Kai McCullen: Champion

Lane Adams: Champion

Connor Shumaker: Champion

Aaron Hall: Champion

Braden Mabalot: EGA

Jaxson Mora: EGA

Aamir Abuhamdeh: EGA

Nathaniel Cho: Eric Will

Cooper Palsgrove: Extreme

Roston Duravcic: Flagstaff

Troy Miller: Flagstaff

Arly Light: Go For It

Chase Cordova: Go For It

Lucas Brandt: Go For It

Benjamin Steiner: Go For It

Harout Bogaryan: GO USA

Dylan Guetta: GO USA

Emilliano Morales: GO USA

Huxley Yeager: GO USA

Roman Zimney: Gymcats

Peter Chandrawinata: HOH

Garrett Schwartz: HOH

Caleb Chan: HOH

Daymion Flores: IEGA

Ajay Allen: IGC

Maimus Riegel: The Klub

Isaac Elwell: The Klub

Abu Tarawallie Leon: The Klub

AJ Mercado: Liberty

Jashan Sahota: Liberty

Bryson Fung: Liberty

Garrett Edwards: Monarchs

Kyle Bickler: North County

Leander Holt: Payke

Damon Melendez: Payke

Iaroslav Krytsyn: Peninsula

Phillip Bulankov: Peninsula

Liam Houle: SCATS

Conrad Court: SCATS

Mason Sumi: SCATS

Ruben Fenton: SCATS

Jake Koser: SCEGA

Camden Sorensen: SCEGA

Dylan Atkins: South Coast

Rylan Hawke: South Coast

Seastian Liu: South Coast

Simon Brown: Southwest

Noah Paredes: Sokol

Jonah Sicat Valeros: Sokol

Matthew Almeida: Sokol

Bentley Dierks: Sokol

Drew Egge: Technique

Isaac Barba: Technique

Carter Thrush: USA Youth Flairs

Carter Warren: USA Youth Flairs

Harrison Goodman: USA Youth Flairs

Dylan McMahon: Victory

Jacob Negley: Victory

Matty Ho: WCOGA

Timmy Ho: WCOGA

Liam McDevitt: WCOGA


RSVP April 22, 2022
Payment Due: May 6, 2022

*Invoices will be sent to the clubs shortly

Season Age 11+ Qualifying Athletes

Drew Schaffer: Accel

Bradley Yuan: Accel

Tyler Yuan: Accel

Mitch Rosing: Aspire

Christian Anntonelli: Bakersfield

Timothy Beard: Bakersfield

Fergus Eling-Carey: Bayshore

Lucas Eling-Carey: Bayshore

Samuel Hwang: Bayshore

Lucas Crittendon: California Strong

Jacob Kiehl: Cal Sports - North

Reuben Miles: Cal Sports - North

Gage Nevling: Champion

Connor Messina: Champion

Quan Ngo: Davis Diamonds

Connor Hicklin: Davis Diamonds

Elliot McReynolds: Davis Diamonds

Vincent Crettol: EGA

Joey Wong: Extreme

Brendan Ayers: Genesis

Harrison Stockdale: Genesis

Kaemyn Barragan: Genesis

Alejandro Ortega: Genesis

Everett Hart: Go For It

Donnovan Porter: Go For It

Grant Andersen: Go For It

Hovanes Keshishyan: GO USA

Nathan Javkhlan: GO USA

Emmett Volkert: Gold Star

Oscar Yu: Gold Star

Tomoaki Nilta: Gold Star

Ryan Balch: Gold Star

Daniel Abkairov: Gold Star

Aerik Turkal: Gold Star

Jackson Stewart: Gym Nevada

Proilan Bata: Gymcats

Ricky Williams: Gym World Central

Christopher Parra:Gym World Central

Peter Khabur: Head Over Heels

Ed Flores: IEGA

Zalden Urban: IGC

Mateo Jey: IGC

Ezra Hershman: Liberty

Jack Schhilling: Liberty

Deniz Besir: Monarchs

Quartz Liu: North County

Carl Sturm: North County

Allen Goldenfeld: North County

Jackson Braddock: North Valley

Brooks Link: North Valley

Kainoa Trujillo: North Valley

Cameron Whitaker: North Valley

Alp Temocin: North Valley

Maverick Argueta: Payke

Russell Ho: Payke

Joshua Sayle: SCATS

Adrian Esqueda: SCATS

Josiah Ghobrial: SCEGA

Marco Nardi: Seawind

Max Hayden: South Coast

Cameron Mecham: Southwest

Macallan Sanford: Technique

Declan McNamee: USA Youth Flairs

Colton Bradley: USA Youth Flairs

Isaac Flowers: Vegas Gym Academy

Axton Crohn: Vegas Gym Academy

Adriel Jurado: Vegas Gym Academy

Joey Lezcano: Vegas Gym Academy

Cameron Ganley: Victory

Jonah Feldman: Xtreme

Finn O'Connor: Yorba Linda

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